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Penn Dental Medicine Students 
Teach PAL Kids About Dental Health!

Practicing important brushing habits

Thanks to the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, bright smiles shined at the Lenfest PAL Center on Monday night. Faculty members and students from Penn shared important dental hygiene information with PAL youth.

Through fun educational activities, the workshop provided an interactive way for the youngsters to learn how to care for their teeth and gums. 

Showing their pearly whites!

Topics covered included proper brushing and flossing habits, and foods, snacks and drinks that contribute to good dental health. In addition to the dental hygiene lessons, each participant received a free dental exam and report, an opportunity, PAL Education and Volunteer Coordinator Holly Warth says, “that most of them may not otherwise have.”

Penn Dental Medicine student Andrew Hendry shared his experience with leading the activities, noting the significance of the material covered on Monday.

Our friends at Penn Dental Medicine

“When we hand out free toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss the kids get excited, Hendry says, “It’s good to see them getting excited about things that will have a positive impact on their lives.”

Thanks to our friends at the Penn Dental Medicine for sharing important information with the kids of PAL!

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